pinging through an interface to an ip not working in teaming

I have 2 interfaces eno1 and eno2 set up.I am trying to make a team interface using abc as master for device t1 and slave as eno1 and eno2 Trying to create a teaming interface. The commands i used are .

  nmcli con add type team con-name abc ifname t1 config '{"runner":{"name":"activebackup"}}'
     nmcli con mod abc ipv4.addresses
     nmcli con mod abc ipv4.method manual
     nmcli con add type team-slave con-name port1 ifname eno1 master t1
     nmcli con add type team-slave con-name port2 ifname eno2 master t1
    teamdctl t1 state
     nmcli con up port1
     nmcli con up port2
    nmcli con show
    ping -I t1
    ping -I t1

But when i try to ping using

[[email protected] ~]# ping -I t1
PING ( from t1: 56(84) bytes of data.

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