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The pleasant experience

On Sunday after Sunday service I proceeded to the park to enjoy the warmth and liveliness I see people walking with their families while the children play. On this day, the park was extremely lively as it was just after the rains; the grass was extremely green and appealing to the eyes. The trees in the surrounding had their leaves regerminating, while other was flowering. The scent from these trees and their flowers was breathtaking. The clear stream that passes through the park was additionally very clean spreading a form serenity that is not comparable to any feeling one could exhibit. The cool breeze that swept through the park spread a breeze of fresh air that was a direct contrast to the situation in the city.

The feeling that I developed in watching the children play in the park was just exquisite. The running and laughing made the happiness in the surrounding to be infectious, with my heart racing as if I was among those who took part in those activities. Seeing both old and young couples in each other’s arms, sharing their meals on the picnic mats was an additional attributes observed that made the park extremely colorful on that day.

Unpleasant Description of the park

While there was numerous attributes that were pleasant about the park on this day, there are others that were not pleasant. One of these elements were unpleasant included the uncontrollable barking of the dogs that made it hard for one to concentrate on anything they were doing. Further, people were dumping the waste of the snacks and food leftovers all over the park without adhering to the regulations that were explicitly highlighted in the entrance of the park. There was the additional case of children fighting for toys and crying out loudly when they lost a game.  Some of dog owners left them unattended and some of the dogs decided to procreate, an attribute that I felt was completely insensitive and ignorant of the owners.

Rhetorical analyses

I choose the park for my analysis as it presents unique environment for my observation of people and environment without having to explain what I was doing. It was enjoyable to assess the good and the not satisfying attributes of the park as I had a guarantee that such would be evident from the presence of such a diverse setting. In the assessment of the pleasant observations, I noted the beauty that is depicted by the families and surrounding environment that was reinvigorating and warmth to anyone that took time to observe. This assertion is contrasted in the unpleasant observations where the consequent is uncontrolled barking of the dogs as well as the uncontrolled littering by the visitors. The idea of the noise and the littering is meant to indicate the manner in which a peaceful and accommodating environment is destroyed by the small and controllable attributes.

Having established the necessary tone for the description, I ensured that the words used are in line with the issues as means  of allowing the reader to have a clear picture of my experience. These words were further meant to ensure that the climate at the park was reflected in the description, as the green grass, flowering and the clear stream running through the park. The negative description is hoever depicted by the littering, meant to negate the beauty that one should be enjoying. There additionally is the wailing and fighting of the children, elements that disrupt anything as people seek to know what is happening to the children. While the environment was cleaning, refreshing air and the clear stream in my pleasant description, these were being negated by the noise and littering. The assessments of these issues allow one to assess the prevalent transitions and the moods in the description paragraphs.

It was imperative that I overlook some of the details that were evident to ensure that the theme as well as the mood was not changes throughout the description. In the course of the pleasant description, I overlooked the fact that there were mosquitoes that made it impossible for one to stay without having to apply a repellant. I additionally failed to include the couple that disagreed and started shouting at each other while we all watched.

I ensured that the structure of the sentences was maintained throughout the description, ensuing that they were short enough and containing all the information I wanted to pass to the reader. In describing the beauty of the park I used words that maintained that mood unlike the situation in describing the unpleasant parts.

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