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Session Five

The song “Tell my father” brings the reality of way into personal terms as a soldier sings of his mortality and his father.  For one, the songs use a slow tempo of 60 beats per second; hence this song falls into the category of blues. The meter used is the double one because of the two pulses used per group.  The melody used is disjunct with disjointedly ragged melody. The dynamics used is mezzo-forte because of the moderately loud music fall. The harmony used is dissonance as there is a harsh-sounding combination of the pitch.

Session Six

In both the gospel and the doo-*** music, the focus and style are based on R&B whereby there is a high vocal harmony. However, the doo-*** music mostly entails the syllables that do not make any sense, have a simple beat, involve little or no instrumentation and the lyrics and music are very simple. Gospel music contains the syllables that make a lot of sense because it is aimed at worshiping, making a prayer, praising ***, and encouraging somebody among other purposes.  On the other hand, the thematic content of doo-*** music is love and relationships.

The Orioles are the group that played a very great role in the development of the doo-*** music especially because it established the basic sound pattern for the same. They also helped to blend the musical rhythm with the group harmonies, and they are the ones that started the trend of bird groups.  Their first songs hit so much as other groups also started copying from them.

Both the “Crying in the Chapel” and “how far am I from Canaan?” are gospel songs that take a gospel music’s style and so have some similarities. The former has a slow tempo as compared to the latter, but they both have a polyphonic texture.  Both songs have dominant vocals of the soloists with a strong harmony that reference the lyrics of a Christian nature.  Also, both songs have a refrain and a more syncopated rhythm. It seems both singers prefer a cappella singing where no instruments are used.  The use of this style of singing has helped to ensure vocal harmony in their singing.

Mostly the covers were introduced into songs with the purpose of eroding the racially based music boundaries as well as the new stylistic influences.  The covers for all-Whites and all-African American groups were used so that they could help to remember their cultures and the different musical styles that were embedded in their music.  Artists like Elvis Presley felt the need to cover their recordings so soon after the original song hit the airways because they wanted to maintain its memory and have it being popular over a prolonged period.

In both the “There Goes My Baby” and “Crying in the Chapel,” they are doo-wops where the artists have covered the recordings using musical instruments. The original songs had the instrumentation being secondary to the interplay of the voices with fairly rudimental.  This kind of cover has made the voices to become part of the overall effect of the songs rather than the primary focus, thereby shifting a bit from the true nature of doo-*** music.  This style of music played a big role in paving the way for music between the late 1950’s to 1970’s because it crossed the gap between the old and the modern music, the racial and nonracial music thereby making many artists embrace it.

Session Seven

Country music became popular as a result of DeFord Bailey’s influence when he started mimicking the sound of rushing locomotives during a country music radio show. However, its roots can be traced back to the seventeenth century when European immigrants brought their instruments, folk tales, and music traditions into their new homes. DeFord Bailey then borrowed the ideas of the songs that were being snagged at homes and signaled the start of the new era of country music. Other artists like The Carter family, Jimmy Rodgers, Johnny, and Bob Dylan later took the world of country music by storm.

The radio played a very big role in the popularity of Country Music because this music was often played on the radios stations and the Country Music singers were often invited to the radio stations to encourage the people to play and even embrace this genre of music.  That is the thing that made this music to evolve and spread in the Southern US from the 1920’s to 1950’s.  The musical genres falling under the Country Music are grouped into four generations with the major difference being the style of singing and the how instruments were being used.

Jimmy Rodgers’ “He’s in the Jailhouse Now” and Hank Williams, Srs’ “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive” have different styles used; Jimmy uses a high renaissance styles whereas William uses the classical style.  Rodgers incorporates sing-able melodies with clear, pretty, string timbres, and consonant harmonies while William does not incorporate a clear melody and it has elaborate textures, quite varied electronic, and loud rhythmic patterns. That makes the overall quality of the song “He’s in the Jailhouse Now” be high compared to the “I’ll Never get Out of This World Alive.”

The production of the song  “Cry, Cry, Cry” took place earlier compared to that of Rodgers and Williams because of the style and instruments used. Unlike Rodgers and Williams, Johnny Cash uses the Baroque style because of the use of a lot of ornamentation.  The thematic content of the song “Cry, Cry, Cry” is sorrow that is different from the first two where confidence is the major theme.


Describe in no less than 100 words.Both blues and country styles can express downheartedness. What are some differences in the kinds of expression between the two styles, and what are some reasons for the differences?

The differences in the kinds of expressions between the two styles include the choice of instruments, the lyric phrasing, vocal arrangement, and note arrangements that can be waltz or swing.  That can be attributed to many reasons as explained hereafter. The Blues were founded by a Black man in America while the Country music was founded by a White Man. The Country Music uses very expressive as well as melodic instrumentation that represents the feelings and moods of the performer whereas the Blues are mixed up without a clear melody and feeling/moods.  The Country Music has steady metrical patterns while the Blues has unsteady metrical patterns.

Session Eight

Both of their Joe Turner’s and Bill Haley’s versions encompass the style of rock music with the beat being a blues rhythm that incorporates a backbeat of a snare drum. When you listen keenly, you can find in both cases two guitars (a lead and rhythm) with a double bass and drum kit used.  Although many of their styles are similar, Bill Haley has speeded his tempo a little bit and increased the backbeat on the juke joint circuit.  That is why Bill Haley’s song is an incomplete bowdlerized cover consisting of “Shake, Rattle and Roll” with an energetic dance rhythm.

Presley started his career in the year 1954 in the area of rock music when he recorded a song at Sun Records together with Sam Philips. Presley made his film debut in the year 1956 in the Love Me Tender, he then was recruited to the military service in 1958. His recording career was resumed in 1960 where he produced his most successful work before devoting himself to making Hollywood films and associated soundtrack albums. He returned to the stage in 1968 after a seven-year rest from live performances where he now got involved in a Las Vegas concert.


The images and music of the early rock and Roll performers rebelled for their period as they were not consistent with the time of production and season. Those images and musical styles resembled those of the modern music. What the performers ought to do to maintain their rebellious reputations is to use the images and styles of the past.

Session Nine

Chuck Berry wrote the first song of Rock and Roll Music whereby the song got widely covered and recognized as one of his most popular compositions.  Cherry’s recordings reached number six in the year 1957 on the R&B singles chart and then number eight on the Hot 100 chart.  He refined and developed the Rhythm and Blues into the main elements that made the rock and roll music unique. In the onset of 1953, Berry started performing with Johnson Trio due to ten influence from the guitar riffs as well as the showmanship techniques of T-Bone who was a blues musician.  By the end of the 1950’s Berry had already become an established star with numerous recordings as well as film appearances. By the mid-1970’s Berry was in high demand as a live performer. In the 2004 list of the greatest artists of all the time, the Berry was in the top 100.


The two kings of rock and roll music are Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley. That is because the two made great contributions to the genre of Rock and Roll music compared to any other musician in this area. For instance, Presley is being referred to as the “King” of rock and roll music. Berry and Presley’s works became very popular and many artists copied from them. They also helped set the base for rock and roll music that has been hard to be changed even in today. They have also earned themselves a number of awards due to their awards that have transcended the times. As a matter of fact, to these two artists, race did not matter because they were ever popular until they retired from their work.  Their songs also hit across all races, so I think that race did not affect them in any way.

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