Portforwarding not work anymore [on hold]

        I have a pfsense router setup and have port forwarded a couple of ports. After last week I could no longer connect to my openVPN and I realized that my ip had been changed and I could no longer connect via openVPN. After changing the pfsense to a regular router trying unplugging the pfsense for a longer time and then plugging it in again but it all ends with the same problem.
One thing I noticed that might be the case is that the ip address on the router is different from the one I get when I check online. Don't know if this is the reason behind it but it is an idea that I have not been able to solve. It kinda acts as it were cgnat but the address on the router starts with 146 and the one online starts with 185. I have also talked to my ISP and they told me that nothing seems to be wrong on their end. Help is much appreciated!

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