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Post your questions for singing legend Darlene Love

As well as having her own timeless hits, Love has sung with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Cher – and she will answer your questions on anything in her starry career Hers is one of the most powerful voices in popular music: so warming in its deep register and so head-spinningly euphoric in its higher notes. At the age of 81, Darlene Love is still socking it to audiences – and she joins us this week to answer your questions. Grounded first in gospel choirs then doo-wop groups, her group the Blossoms caught the ear of producer Phil Spector in the early 1960s. He drafted Love in to sing the lead on the infectiously strutting He’s a Rebel, which was credited to another group, the Crystals, on its release. Love perfectly evoked the infatuation and insubordination in this tale of loving a no-good guy, and took it to the top of the US charts. Continue reading...

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