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Precautions for the use of coiled steel spreaders

  1. Wholesale galvalume steel coating steel coil spreader should be handled gently, stop beating, throwing and dragging on the ground; to prevent falling from a height, to prevent deformation, surface, and internal hazards.
  2. The weight should be hung at the bottom of the hook groove, cannot be hung on the hook tip; usually, when lifting the steel coil, the hook should be outward.
  3. The steel coil spreader is not allowed to be modified or reprocessed by itself (welding, heating, heat treatment, surface chemical treatment). If necessary, the above treatment should be sent back to the original manufacturer or under the guidance of the original factory personnel. Finally, HENGZE also recommends that you establish a record of the use of steel coil spreaders, and check the use status of steel coil spreaders in all aspects, so as to eliminate hidden dangers in time and put “safety plugs” for your lifting work.

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