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Prerequisite for peeling grinding

Peeling grinding has many advantages. To give full play to its advantages, it must be “good horse matching saddle”. Therefore, a successful skinning grinding requires the following prerequisites:

A) Due to the high grinding speed required in peeling grinding, any vibration may produce grinding vibration lines or even burn. Therefore, the grinding system of the whole grinder needs to be very rigid, whether it is workpiece clamping system or long life grinding wheel spindle system.

B) Because of the high speed of peeling and grinding, the dynamic balance of the grinding wheel is very important. The grinding wheel for stainless steel usually needs to be balanced twice, one is the dynamic balance during the production process of the grinding wheel, the other is the automatic calibration dynamic balance after being installed on the machine tool.

C) Because of the extremely high temperature generated during high speed grinding, it is necessary to have a sufficient flow rate of coolant, and the flow rate should be as consistent as the speed and direction of the fast working grinding wheel as possible to ensure adequate cooling;

D) Cooling systems also require high pressure, usually with high-pressure flushing nozzles, especially when grinding soft and sticky materials, which are particularly important to prevent the grinding wheel surface from being blocked by chip, resulting in increased wheel load;

E) If China long life grinding wheel is used for peeling grinding, the on-line dressing system and contact dressing method are needed, from the contact between the wheel and the roller, to rough dressing, and then to finishing a series of dressing processes need real-time monitoring.

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