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Problem with separating management and guest VLAN. Cisco Switch trunk and access configuration [closed]

        I'm trying to set up VLANs for management and for guests. This is only my home lab so I'm trying things. But I have a problem I configured 3 VLAN VLAN 1 is native VLAN with IP, VLAN 16 management with no IP, VLAN 79 for guests with no IP. I added a router connected to port gi1/0/1 that is in native VLAN 1 and configured it as access VLAN 1. But I configured management as mode trunk VLAN 1,16. And also configured guests as mode trunk VLAN 1,79. I think it's because they have a connection to the same native VLAN but when I just set them as access only to their VLANs the internet won't work. If you have some ideas on how to fix this I would be glad.

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