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Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan

I am a nurse with a passion for assisting the sick, and I intend to pursue my nursing profession for many years. I completed my BSN in 2012, and I plan to complete my MSN in the next two years. In the long-term, I desire to become a certified family nurse practitioner. The achievement of becoming a family nurse practitioner will be a step towards attaining my long-term goals i.e. run my private practice. Nursing has grown, and it is now a profession that the public respects. Studying at Walden University will allow me to pursue my course and subsequent nursing career. The University provides a flexible study schedule that would allow students like me to study while at the same time pursue my nursing career.

 The university’s vision is to provide students with a learning environment that enable students to acquire knowledge that is applicable in resolving critical societal challenges. Healthcare is a critical aspect of the society and thus my desire to participate in ensuring a healthy nation. Walden’s school of nursing also has a vision that aims to transform nursing to meet community needs. I am certain that I will receive an education that is relevant and applicable to the society. Walden University also has a mission statement that emphasizes on establishing a diverse community of career professionals who can effect positive changes in the society. The university’s mission matches with my long-term goals of becoming a family nurse practitioner. I will participate in my client’s life by ensuring they maintain optimal health.

Educational Background and Research proficiency

So far, I have acquired adequate formal and informal learning experience that adds to my preparation for my future nursing career. Since senior school, I had a passion for taking care of the sick. I decided to pursue nursing as a profession and to-date I have worked as a licensed practical nurse for seven years. I became a registered nurse six years ago after advancing my studies. In 2012, I completed my BSN at Chamberlain College. The completion of the BSN allowed me to grow professionally and broaden my field of experience to include clinical and management responsibilities. I have experience as a unit manager in long-term care for seven years. The experience as a unit manager provided me with adequate management experience. The position allowed me to not only take care of the sick, but also engage in managing nurses in the unit and managing functions at the unit. I have also worked for six years at the intensive care unit. I intend to further my studies and pursue an MSN and become a family nurse practitioner in the next two years. As a family nurse practitioner, I will work with patients throughout their lives and thus diagnose illnesses, conduct exams and prescribe medication.

I believe by pursuing my studies at Walden University, I will achieve my long-term goals and make a positive difference to my community and society. Nursing is a profession that gives me an opportunity to make positive changes to my patients. I intend to pursue my studies and give back to the community by ensuring continuity in individual and community health.


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