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Psychology Discussion Question

In thinking about the application of these ideas, we may be applying these concepts to our understanding of the consequence(s) to children living in a physically and or emotionally abusive family. What are your thoughts about how we might apply the concepts of compliance, obedience, and authority to this situation to understand better the consequences to children living in an abusive environment?  

The environment in which a child grows up in determines the kind of life they live in future. Children suffer from different experiences in their life since they are vulnerable and easy to manipulate. Physical and emotional abuses are among the experiences of children in their early days. Emotional abuse involves a deliberate effort to scare or humiliate a child or ignore them (Radford, Corral, 2011). Most of the children who are emotionally abused suffer from neglect or other types of abuse. Some children are brought up in abusive environments but are expected to be secretive of the family issues and sometimes do not even talk to each other about the abuse. They look fine to the external world, but inside them is pain and anger.

It is surprising to realize that the children who live in physically and emotionally abusive families are expected to be compliance, obedience and respect the authority. Such children should be compliant to what their abusive parents require them to do to avoid quarreling and in-fighting in the family. However, some of the things that they comply with may be against their ideals or even abusive to them. Children are also required to be obedient to their parents and do according to the guidelines given. However, there are instances where being obedience subjects them to abuse which affects their lives. The respect of authority is mandatory for every child since they have to subscribe to the rules and regulations in their home. For the abusive families, respect to authority may mean giving into abuse. The parent may emotionally or physically affect the life of the child since they have absolute authority over their children.

Regarding the three aspects, there ought to be a distinction between what to follow and what not to do regardless of the requirement to be compliant, obedient, and respecting the authority. Children in the abusive environments can choose to be assertive to avoid over-exploitation.


Radford, L., Corral, S., Bradley, C., Fisher, H., Bassett, C., Howat, N., & Collishaw, S. (2011).   Child abuse and neglect in the UK today.

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