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Question from a software dev about IoT bluetooth devices

In order to develop an IoT web application I think I would need two/more devices that are capable to "see each other" on a "virtual map".

I've searched fort Ultra Wide Band devices, Bluetooth with submeter location technology, AoA and AoD, but I don't quite understand if this stuff is ok for my needs.

Basically, imagine two/four bluetooth devices that are capable of knowing the distance between each other and the direction of where the other devices are.
Therefore I suppose they should be capable of draw a "local map" (a square where each device is a vertex, no GPS technology needed), seeing and connecting each other to gather informations on distance and angles.

Ideally, this device should have any sort of API in order to be capable of communicating the informations to a data center or a server.

Probably even a data-sim/wi-fi tech should be needed in order to make it work that way.

Does anything like that exists and, if so, what do you suggest me to look for/get informed in?

I'm open to questions to clarify anything whether possible.

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