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Race, Partnership, and political Belief

The results of the research are alarming because it is something that one cannot expect from such a country as America. It is evident that the racial, political, and a particular partnership affiliation seems to guide the decision-making of the people of America.  The political and the racial divide that exists between the citizens are due to the lack of proper information to the people that could have made them make the right decisions regardless of the affiliations mentioned above. People should not object a given policy because it is somebody they support or oppose has said it.

It seems that under Obama’s leadership, some people are supportive of his policies while others oppose them, particularly when they are that he made those policies. From the article, it is clear that when the people do not have the knowledge that the policies are Obama’s, they are likely to make the right decisions, but when they are informed that those decisions are Obama’s, then their motif towards Obama reveals itself. When our decisions are led by a given political or racial stimuli, then we are likely to make wrong decisions such as critiquing something good or supporting something bad.

Such policies as the affordable care act, the use of drones against the terrorist suspects, among others are the policies that affect all the Americans.  The political, the partnership and the racial cover hinder the people from perceiving the reality or the essence of some things. It makes us worry whether morality or our affiliations should guide our decisions. It is obvious that when the latter takes preeminence, then we are prone to making wrong judgments in life. Even if we disagree on some issues, there are issues that common sense should tell us that we need to be on the same page.  Let not our judgments seem to be a race between the Africans and Americans or between the republicans and democrats.

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