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Raw-Ethernet Frames

Last updated on October 26, 2018

Recently I was puzzled by the following articles about Raw-Ethernet frames:

RAW ethernet vs. UDP
Message Passing Using Raw Ethernet Frames

Briefly, both of them discusses that it is possible to establish a point-to-point communication using only the Ethernet layer. In that case, the overhead of the IP and TCP layers would be avoided and the throughput would increase (roughtly 50% according to some benchmarks).

I would like to do a similar test but in a wireless environment. However, I have some issues:

1st Issue
Is there any hardware constraint (ie: the Wi-Fi card) that might undermine such effort?

2nd Issue
Both articles chose the following frame format:

Preamble | Delimiter | Mac Headers | Payload | Pad | CRC

As far as I know, preamble, delimiter, pad and CRC are added by the Ethernet device to every frame and can not be changed via software. I guess with Wi-Fi devices is similar. Therefore, is there any hardware constraint (ie: the Wi-Fi card) that would undermine removing the Mac Headers?

ps: consider that the communication will be on a point-to-point basis, ie., there will be no routers, switches, bridges, ... no internet connectivity.

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