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Re-point smart home devices to another management platform

<*** class="md">[HELP] [Ideas]. I am making a management app for IoT (university project), me and my classmates wanted to create a smart "condo" management platform, and we bought some tuya smart home devices, but big was our surprise when we learned that tuya API charges a big fee for the API calls and linked devices, is there a way to re-point the smart home devices, make them send events and receive commands not through the tuya API cloud, but through my own Node.js – express.js server. (Tuya local is not an option, due to a restriction that our professor gave us)

Extra info: 1) The minimum of iot devices that we have to use is 60 (smart locks, lights, smart switches, etc.) 2) Devices must be triggered from a different wifi network. 3) Sorry for my English, I'm from Bolivia

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