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Re-searchable Problem


Karen Sue Davies indicates that the most challenging task when conducting EBP project involves the identification of the answerable question. When engaging in EBP project, it is critical for the researcher to formulate a question that targets the goal of the research. The ideal research question shapes the research design and the theoretical framework that the research will take. The paper below addresses the process of creating a viable question based on the PICOT approach.


Area of Interest: Patient Falls

The area of interests is on [patient falls. Incidences of patient fall remain prevalent in hospitals despite efforts by healthcare providers to mitigate it. Public and private hospitals record worrying figures of patient falls. An analysis of the problem of patient falls will aim at finding alternative ways to minimize the problem and thus enhance the quality of patient care. Unintentional patient falls are the leading calls of injuries to patients. The prevalence is high for patients over 65years. According to Currie (2007), fall-related injuries are most common causes of accidental deaths for patient over 65 years. The rising rates of patient falls remove the nursing practitioner’s determination to provide patient with quality care. Patients admitted to healthcare facilities expect to receive patient-centered care that will enhance their recovery process.

 Patients do not expect to acquire additional injuries and medical costs arising from falls. Nurses must strive to invent effective inpatient fall prevention measures. Falls are avoidable with the adaptation of effective measures. The quality of patient care that patients receive determines the risk of falls. Minimal attention increases the risk of fall while round-the-clock attention minimizes the risk (Polit, & Beck, 2012).


What is the impact of patient falls?

How: The researcher reviewed the potential responses to the questions so as to determine their feasibility. There are several negative consequences associated with patient falls. The consequences cut both to the healthcare facility and the recovering patient.

  1. What is the role of nursing in preventing patient falls?

How: The researcher reviewed the question from the expert nurse guidelines. Nurses must strive to provide patients with quality care that enhances their recovery process.

  1. What is the effectiveness of using railing?

How: The researcher will review the numerous researches done on the effectiveness of railing over other safety precautions that nurses adopt to minimize patient falls.

  1. How effective are round-the-clock nurse supervisions?

How: the researcher reviewed the potential benefits of using round-the-clock nurse supervisions for the prevention of patient falls.

  1. What is the expectation of patients when seeking health care services?

How: the researcher determined the numerous expectations that patients have when seeking healthcare services.

Preliminary PICOT question

The PICO (T) questions help researchers narrow their research to the elements covered in the PICOT. The PICOT question enables an individual to develop and answerable question that the researcher and use for his studies. A quality PICOT question simplifies the process of finding and evaluating research evidence. The ideal research question, in relation to patient, falls would be;

For elderly patients, is the provision of 24/7 nurse monitoring effective than the provision of bedside railings for the prevention of patient falls?

Population: The Elderly Patients

Intervention: 24/7 nurse monitoring

Comparison: Bedside railings

Outcome: Prevent patient falls

Keywords for research

The main keywords that the researcher will use when conducting the literature search for the PICOT question include;

1. Prevention of patient falls

2. Bed railing and patient falls

3. Fractures in old age

4. Hospital falls and elderly patients

5. Elderly patient falls preventive strategies

6. Nurse roles and patient falls

7. Age-related and medication-related falls

8. Medical costs and patient falls

9. improved health and patient falls

10. Health promotion and patient falls

The keywords are all relevant or the PICOT question as they revolve around the main idea that the question asks i.e. prevention of patient falls for elderly patients. The ten questions present the researcher with different angles from where he can approach the question. For instance, question ten enables the researcher to relate patient falls with health promotion. The prevalence of patient falls at healthcare facilities results to negative results in the management of health promotion. Question six is relevant to the PICO question as it illustrates the vital role that nurse play in the provision of quality healthcare services. Question seven enables the researcher to determine the variety of cause that put the elderly patient at risk for falls (Davies, 2011). Specifically, the keyword will enable the researcher to establish how medication and the age of the patient enhance the risk of falls.


The most important step when engaging in research work entails identifying a researchable problem. The ideal research problem will enable the researcher to complete his research with ease. The researcher will complete the assignment based on the PICOT question that he draws. The PICOT question will guide the researcher in establishing the appropriate keywords for the literature information that he will need.


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