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Redditors, a teacher needs your help!

I'm searching for young people who are interested in cultural exchange. To explain my situation: I'm a 21yo who's gonna be a teacher but still studying. We do internships of several lessons at schools for our study (here where I live in switzerland). In January I'll teach an english class about the topic "culture" and thought it might be a great idea for the students (aged about 13yo) to learn first hand from people all around the world. Best case would be if we'd find someone from each continent, but i'll be happy if there's just some diversity. If you're german for example that won't help to much, as our cultures are pretty much the same. (At the moment I'm happy I already found 1 person from South America)

If you wanna help out a teacher who's trying to make school interesting for his students: Just write a comment that you'd like to take part and which country you're from! You should understand some basic english but if you can understand my text that will be more than enough. The students are at a level where they can talk about everyday stuff but not more complex things. And of course it would help if you're about the same age (12-16) as them. Also if you know someone, have children, etc. who'd like to join: everyone's welcome!

So whether you're from the US, from Great Brittain, brasil, australia, india or somewhere completly else: I'd be happy to hear from you! I believe in the goods that reddit can do for our society.

TLDR: If you're interested in cultural exchange through video conference, e-mails or something else leave a comment. I want to link up my students with people from around the world.

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