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 The opportunity to revise my essay was critical because it helped me to identify and correct several mistakes. First, I was able to revise my essay from APA to MLA style of writing.  There are different academic styles of writing, and it is critical to adhere to the style requested by the instructor.  One of the MLA to APA changes that I made was the insertion of parenthesis in the author and date when making citations. I also wrote the authors last name in full then the second name in initials, rather than writing the two names in full.  Another revision I made after revising my essay is the removal of the first person pronoun (I) in the essay.  I learned that essays must be written in the third person to eliminate the subjectivity that comes with the use of first person pronouns.  First person pronouns make an essay appear as if the points/ideas are based on the writer’s opinion. I learned that first-person pronouns are used when writing reflective papers or when highlighting personal experiences if required in the writing instructions.  I also went through the essay and revised some of the word choices that were repetitive or confusing.  I realized that a word could change the meaning of a statement if it is not correctly used.  I also realized that some words brought out a different meaning to a text if used in the wrong places.  I also changed words that presented the wrong tense and ensured that the whole essay used one tense.

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