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Remotely Controlled Alarm: Need to administer medications remotely

Hey all, not sure if this is the right place for this, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

I would like to find, or if necessary, create a device that can be set to go off with a chime or alarm of some sort at certain times throughout the day. If that was all that was required, then there'd be no problem and I could just get an alarm clock, however I would like for this chime to function when I am not in my home, and I would also like for it to shut off after a short amount of time automatically.

The goal is to train my pet to hear the chime and expect food, and use the chime to signal to them that there is food waiting at their automatic feeder (along with their seizure medication, that must be administered during the work day) without me or my partner needing to be present. We thought of a simple alarm clock, but were unsure if it would shut itself off after going off the first time. This could probably be remedied easily enough with an Arduino and a small speaker (or something similar) but I wanted to look for a prebuilt solution first, and was unsure on how to search for a device like this. (I was having a difficult time online, lol)

While thinking of it a little more, we realized would also like to be able to trigger this alarm manually (remotely) in case the first chime does not alert our sleeping pet. This new scope is what brought me here, as I am very unfamiliar with Wi-Fi communication and smart home type devices.

Ideally, I would like to be able to control the alarm from my iPhone, or through some sort of remote, while many miles away at work or on a day trip. Is there any pre-built or out-of-the-box-ready solution for something like this?

We already have Amazon's Blink security cameras, and would plan to use those to monitor whether the chime worked to notify our pet to the presence of food and medicine. The cameras have a live talk feature, which might work as a manual trigger, but we would need to talk into the phone or play some sound wherever we are remotely. This is fine if necessary, but in an office at work, it would be inconvenient to have to step out to "trigger" the camera's sound (aka, essentially call my pet to their food manually with my own voice) Additionally, this feature must be activated manually, and I was looking more for something that was autonomous, at least until I could check and see that the chime did not wake my pet, and then if needed I could manually activate additional alarms until they come and get it.

Any advice here? If this is the wrong forum for such a question, please let me know! (And maybe guide me to the right place?)

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