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Research, theory, and practice cycle

Experts claim that nursing is a cycle of nursing research, practice, and theory. In my opinion, I tend to agree with the view of experts that nursing is a revolving cycle of research practice and theory. They tend to interact and play off one another. Research refers to the process of inquiry, and the theory is the product of knowledge. In nursing, research without theory tends to result in discreet information that does not add to the knowledge in the discipline (McEwen & Wills 2010).

Research, theory, and practice cycle
Research, theory, and practice cycle

The theory normally guides the research process and enables the scientist to weave the facts together. Nursing practice tends to be a blend of knowledge that is unique in nursing and knowledge borrowed from other disciplines.

In nursing, there is a relationship between theory, research, and practice. The research tends to be the key element in developing the nursing discipline. It is possible to identify and test theories in the practice setting through the research. Theories also guide the nursing practice and provide insight to situations for assessments, patient care intervention, and diagnosis. According to McEwen & Wills (2010), theories normally render the practice to be more efficient and effective thus benefit the patient. It also stimulated the nurse scientists in exploring the significant problems in nursing. The relationship between the theory and research is something that is undeniable, and it is essential that people start recognizing the impact of the relationship in the development of the nursing knowledge.

I tend to disagree with experts view that entry into the cycle can be from any point. It is not right to claim that entry into nursing is possible for any point because research, theory, and practice tend to omit some of the essential aspects of the cycle such as development, reflection, and the application of insights. Another area of omission is the interaction with and the feedback from both the patients and other individuals. Therefore, the entry into the cycle from any point can have the negative impact in the healthcare practice. Because of the care needed when dealing with human subjects, training is of great importance. In nursing, there is no one who should start practicing with training and research. Training is an essential aspect of nursing; thus, I disagree with the claim that entry into the cycle is possible from any point. The appropriate area for the theory is normal before practice, and as a nurse grows, they can learn additional theories and become more meaningful through the increased experience that they gain.

Nursing tends to be a practice that is complex, and it is not right to reduce it to an applied field. For instance, the nursing practice such as medicine is complex, undetermined, and varied that means that clinicians should ensure that they attend to the changing relevance and also the changes in the response of patients and the nature of the clinical conditions. The healthcare environment tends to be growing more complex similar to the responsibilities of the nursing professions. The nursing theory tends to offer the framework that links the nursing research, the nursing practice, and also the nursing knowledge (Parker & Smith 2010). Therefore, it tends to be impossible to claim that entry into the cycle can be through any point in the cycle. The nursing theory should start as it is the body of knowledge that supports the nursing practice.


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