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Methods to use in identifying and narrowing research topic

The research topic needs to be the one that is researchable and interesting. To choose and narrow down a topic entails finding of background information so as to identify key names, dates, concepts, issues, events and dates associated with the topic. You then identify the particular people to focus on, find key concepts and themes arising from the background research, and find where to narrow down the topic to geographically. The last thing is to identify period to which to narrow down the topic.

Legalizing marijuana

There are empirical studies that demonstrate significant adverse effects of smoking cannabis on mental and physical health. Many of the researchers show that marijuana that is among the cannabis cycle has more adverse effects than the benefits. Legalizing marijuana will impose public health risks such as risks of schizophrenia, psychosis and other disorders resulting from substance use (Graham, 2014). There is no state where marijuana has legalization though some states have medical cannabis laws or cannabis decriminalization laws. Marijuana should not have legalization as the medical, and empirical studies show that it has pathological effects health, both mentally and physically as well as interference with occupational and social functioning of smokers.

Privacy rights

Anyone studying the privacy rights may feel some uneasiness. On the one hand, there is popular demand for increased privacy protection, and, on the other hand, there are other values such as autonomy, liberty, and mental health. The technology is affecting the lives of individuals in various ways regarding than the manner in which they interact with one another, with a business or the government. The developments in surveillance technology are raising privacy issues, and even private actors can have access to the pieces of equipment, thus, invading individuals’ privacy (Kearns, 1999). When the need for privacy invasion is more than the requirement for privacy, then there will be a violation of the privacy right as it would be beneficial to an individual.

Why use scholarly sources?

The usage of scholarly in carrying research on my topic is indispensable in that there is much information in the scholarly sources. The scholarly sources also present information those results from the intense study and research on the topic. The information on the scholarly sources is, therefore, trustworthy, and it has a lot of truth in it.


Kearns, T. (1999). Technology and the Right to Privacy: The Convergence of Surveillance and Information Privacy Concerns. William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal, 7(3).

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