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Resilience and bravery in Ukraine: PhotoBrussels festival 2024

Generations of Resilience is the work of 22 Ukrainian photographers on display at PhotoBrussels festival 2024. The curation of imagery from the 70s to the present day shows the nature of the journey from independence to invasion and the struggle for the future of the country

“Blue for me is the colour of blockade, hunger and war …” said the Ukrainian artist Boris Mikhailov about the project he made in the early 1990s, the period that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union.

At the core of this cycle of PhotoBrussels is the story of Ukraine told both conceptually and literally through the eyes of three generations of photographers. Generations of Resilience reveals an artistic act of defence that opens with Mikhailov’s atmospheric and unsettling series At Dusk.

The series At Dusk made in 1993, by Boris Mikhailov.

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