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Resin cutting sheet cleaning and installation method

The 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal is a kind of large amount in the grinding tool and has a wide use surface. When used in high speed rotation, the outer circle, the inner circle, the plane and various profiles of the metal or non-metal workpiece can be coarsely ground. Today we talk about one of the types of abrasive tools – resin cutting sheets. The resin cutting piece is a cutting piece made of resin, which has high strength and is applied to a cutting piece, a double end face, a heavy load cutting piece, a polishing wheel and the like. Today we mainly talk about its cleaning and installation methods.
cleaning method:
1. Use a diamond cutting blade to polish the belt during the production process.
2. Generally, the low price disc for metal should be removed for cleaning after 5-7 days of operation.
3. Soak in acetone for 2 hours, then clean with imported cleaning agent, the effect is very good, but not environmentally friendly, not energy saving.
4. Cleaning requirements should not damage the diamond cut pieces.
Installation needs to know:
1. Inspect and identify internal cracks in the cut piece. With the hand-held cutting piece, the cutting piece is tapped with a wooden hammer to hear the sound, and the cracked piece gives a crisp sound.
2. Check and identify the appearance of the cutting piece. Use your eyes to see if the appearance of the cutting piece is damaged (or cracked).
3. Check that the grade of the cutting piece is correct and that it conforms to the performance, shape and size of all selected cutting pieces.
We have a general understanding of the cleaning and installation methods of resin cutting sheets. We can do the following in the future, and extend the service life of the cutting sheets.
The China cutting disc for metal is a kind of grinding tool. The diamond grinding material is used as the raw material, and the metal fixed powder, the resin powder, the ceramic and the electroplated metal are respectively used as the bonding agent, and the circular fixed grinding tool with the through hole in the center is called diamond cutting. sheet. Today, we mainly talk about the method of enhancing the service life of resin diamond cutting blades.
We can achieve the particle size of the added powder filler by adding a high thermal conductivity component selected from the group consisting of aluminum nitride, boron nitride, and silicon carbide micropowder or a mixed powder filler of any one or more of them in the composition of the dicing sheet. The range is from 1 to 10 micrometers, and the amount added is from 15% to 65% of the total weight of the dicing sheet. The method is applicable to all resin diamond cutting sheets, such as phenolic cutting sheets, polyimide cutting sheets, Dialok39 resin cutting sheets, and the like. The production method of the resin diamond cutting piece is a powder hot pressing method. Due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride, boron nitride, and silicon carbide powder fillers and the absence of oxidation problems in the air, copper powder and other oxide fillers can be completely replaced for the manufacture of resin dicing sheets. The heat transfer and heat dissipation effect and service life of the resin diamond cutting piece body can be significantly improved.

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