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Route LAN traffic through ZeroTier on Edgerouter X [closed]

        I have bought an Edgerouter-X to sit behind my ISP provided router in my house LAN. The goal of this router is to expose through it's ethernet interfaces a direct connection through my ZeroTier network.
My ZeroTier network will route all the traffic to a Raspberry Pi that is in my home country. That way, my end goal would be: when I plug a device to a Ethernet port on the Edgerouter X (eth1-eth4) I will surf the internet with an IP address of my home country. The ZeroTier part of routing things through my Raspberry pi is working, and I can navigate the internet with a home country IP with my mobile device using the ZeroTier app. enter image description here I have read several blogs describing how to connect to LAN devices through a ZeroTier network, but not on how to achieve my goal: LAN devices should route everything through the ZeroTier. My initial configuration is as follows (after having installed zeroTier and called eth6, and a Basic Setup wizard of the Edgerouter-X): interfaces routes NAT rules Some links I have tried to follow without success: Any help is welcome!

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