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During the third iteration on training and applying for a Salesforce Analyst job, the researcher will embark on the thorough preparation that will enhance their chances of getting any Salesforce Analyst job that may become available soon. In this iteration session, the activities undertaken by the researcher will focus on writing an excellent resume and cover letter for a Salesforce Analyst, staying up to date with Salesforce technology and also practice working with Salesforce so as to master the hands-on skills learned in previous sessions. The researcher’s aim in the preparation iteration is to ensure that the job seeker who is specifically targeting a Salesforce Analyst position, will not miss any opportunity that may come they way. This iteration session is very significant in building and becoming successful in a career as a Salesforce Analyst because it will assist in introducing the job seeker to potential employers.


My plan in the preparation iteration is to ensure that I adequately prepare so as to become ready to capture any suitable Salesforce Analyst position that may arise. The first plan for the researcher is to write a good resume and cover letter that will sell them as competent and qualified Salesforce Analyst to potential employers. Writing a good resume is considered to be an art that requires numerous efforts so as to be able to list expertise in a minimal set of lines (McKinney, 2006). The researcher will seek advice and guidance from professional resume writers as well as use internet resources to learn on how to write a good resume. The researcher plans to pay special attention to the resume outline and also plans to use terminologies and Information Technology (IT) terms that will them look like they understand what they are doing. Since a good resume is based on the profile of the job description, the researcher who is seeking employment as a Salesforce Analyst plans to review different past vacancies for Salesforce Analyst together with the listed responsibilities; so as to become well informed about the resume contents. The researcher also has a plan to seek advice and guidance on how to write a good cover letter. After understanding the different aspects of writing a good resume and cover letter, the researcher then plans to write sample copies that they will present to a senior human resource manager for assessment.

The researcher also plans to use the hands-on skills and knowledge in Salesforce technology obtained in previous sessions to practice working with Salesforce. The plan is to assist a Salesforce Analyst in their daily work. The researcher also plans to interact with the networks created in previous sessions as well as regularly visit internet sources that will assist in staying updated about the technology. The researcher plans to complete this iteration session in a period of two weeks.


My first action in the two weeks scheduled for undertaking the career preparation iteration entailed consulting with a professional on a resume and cover letter writing. The resume expert whom I contacted was Ms. Betty Larry, who agreed to meet at her office at 8 ‘clock on 1st April. Before I went to the meeting, I prepared questions that would assist me to cover all want I wanted to know about resume writing. When the day came, I arrived early, and the meeting started as planned. I learned a lot about the outline of a good resume and the contents of a good resume and cover letter. The resume is a one-to-two page summary of an individual’s objective, experience, skills as well as achievements (L. Betty, Personal Communications, 1st April). Also, in the meeting that lasted for approximately two hours, the expert assisted the researcher to develop a personalized resume. The researcher further did research on resume writing in internet sources such as YouTube. The figure 1 below is a screenshot of Youtube video displaying a slide on a teaching on resume writing.

Figure 1: Resume writing (Source; YouTube)

Within the two weeks, the researcher was also fortunate to meet with Mr. Lenny, a Salesforce Analyst at Innovative Tech Company, through local user group. Mr. Lenny accepted a request to review my sample resume again as well as offer practice on working with Salesforce technology. Different positions have different responsibilities; therefore, the profile appearing on the resume should show how hiring this person benefits the organization (Lenny, Personal Communications, 8th April). For instance, a Salesforce Analyst is mostly responsible for development and implementation of Salesforce platforms and projects; therefore, the resume of a Salesforce Analyst must show their skills and knowledge in planning, coding and executing features for Salesforce (Weinmeister, 2014).


The career preparation presented a very interesting and educative opportunity, which the researcher also made different observations. First, the researcher observed that the resume and cover letter are crucial documents of a job seeker and all other professionals as they can facilitate a career change. An excellent resume, which is accompanied by a cover letter, can assist a potential employer to decide whom to hire or interview for a position easily. It is, however, true that an excellent resume will not get an individual a job if they are unqualified, but indeed, a weak resume will make the person lose a job (Kiser, 2015). I observed that in resume writing grammar, spelling and sentence structure are crucial as errors in these components can be disastrous. The researcher also noted that updating a resume as well as changing it to suit a certain job an individual is applying for is important so as to ensure that the potential employer sees the job seekers capability to be of help in the organization. The researcher also observed that resume writing is a challenging activity to many people applying for different job position; thus, the reason for the emergence of resume writing experts who assist people. However, the researcher observed that the internet is a rich source of information about resume and cover letter writing. There are even applications that assist people with resume writing. For instance, publisher templates assist in making a digital resume in .doc format, which was found under the link (Palani, 2016).

The researcher observed that when writing a resume when applying for a job as a Salesforce Analyst, it is important to not only include qualifications but also show how you have gained hands-on skills in working with Salesforce features and functions.


The career preparation session was a fascinating but also significant for the researcher. The researcher enhanced their chances of been hired or been called for an interview if a Salesforce job emerged and also learned how to ensure that they write a resume and cover letter that gives them advantage above other qualified candidates applying for the same job. It was worthwhile for the researcher to undertake the preparation session because writing a resume and cover letter is a lifelong activity as professionals apply and change jobs all through their productive years. The session went very well mostly because of the experts who were willing to take me through the various steps of writing an excellent resume. The idea to consult an expert who deals with resumes provided an in-depth understanding of resume writing, whereas, the guidelines given by the Salesforce Analyst affirmed what the researcher was doing was in line with the researcher’s career.

The researcher did not, however, have time to consult with a human resource manager for consultation. The plan activities would all have been completed including meeting a human resource manager if more time was planned for the session. The researcher plans to manage time better in their future career as well as allocate sufficient time for actions. However, it can be concluded that the preparation session was a great success and prepared the candidate for the next iteration on finding and applying for jobs that seek a Salesforce Analyst. 

Iteration 4: Finding and Applying for a job


The session on the search for and applying for jobs entails activities such as searching for relevant Salesforce Analyst jobs and also sending applications requesting for interview or employment. The researcher will employ knowledge acquired from the previous session to write a good resume and cover letter for each opportunity.


Since I have already made a career objective on the specific job I intend to search and apply, in this iteration, the plan is to browse different online sources that advertise for jobs. In this internet sources, the researcher plans on narrowing down to the Salesforce Analyst jobs in which they qualify. In narrowing down on the jobs available, the researcher plans to only consider jobs available in the state of New York, because it would be convenient for the researcher in many ways. After identifying these jobs, the researcher then plans to apply for the jobs one by one, in which the researcher will modify the resume and the cover letter to suit the profile of each particular job. The plan is to ensure that the resume and cover letter market the researcher to the potential employer and also show what the researcher can do including configuring Salesforce customer relationship management to suit the needs of an enterprise or developing and maintaining a Salesforce platform. The researcher further plans to search for Information Technology based organizations that use Salesforce as a tool in their business. After identifying the companies, the researcher then plans to contact the human resource manager in the enterprise either via email or by making a physical visit to the organization. The researcher then plans to request to join the organization as a Salesforce Analyst. In the application of the Salesforce Analyst jobs, the researcher plans on submitting pdf formats of all the required documents including resume, cover letters, certifications and any others that may be necessary. The researcher also plans to market themselves on various networking sites where there are other Salesforce Analysts, Salesforce administrators, and other related professionals so that they can assist in locating a suitable job or even refer the researcher to potential employers. The researcher plans to carry out the job search and application for two weeks.


The researcher decided to start the job search in the internet sources as it was the easiest and most available and the researcher assumed there would be many opportunities available. The researcher first used the ‘Google’ search engine in which they typed “Salesforce Analyst jobs.” There were many results for this research; hence the researcher decided to narrow down the results to the preferred region by typing on the Google search engine “Salesforce Analyst jobs in New York.” The screenshot below is an illustration of the Google search and results.


 The researcher observed that there are many available Salesforce related jobs available today and this may be attributed to the increased use of Salesforce platform and features to address various business challenges and improve business processes (Ouellette, 2013). The researcher also observed that having a well-defined career objective is essential for a job seeker as it assists them in wasting time viewing jobs available that are not related to their career. The researcher observed that the internet is a wealthy source concerning the availability of different jobs at different locations. The researcher observed that the usefulness of the web might greatly get based on the search engines such as Google search engine that is a very powerful web-based software program and useful tool designed to search any content (Jain, 2013). The researcher also observed that the various job advertising websites available on the internet are important sources in locating a job as they are used updated almost every day. The researcher observed that been well prepared with documentation and certification makes it easy to apply for any job that an individual desires.

The researcher observed that for a Salesforce Analyst job, a job seeker must have the knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to work efficiently with Salesforce features and functions such as visualforce, Apex, and Salesforce SOQL. Other duties observed to be common for most job opportunities of a Salesforce Analyst were executing and maintaining Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. The researcher observed that although there were numerous job opportunities available for Salesforce Analysts, most enterprises specified that they wanted individuals who had over three years experience; hence was challenging for the researcher.


The finding and applying for a job session was successful due to various reasons. The researcher had a definite plan on what they intended to do (job search), where to search for the job, and what particular job to search (career objective). The session also became a success because of the Google search engine, which was easy to use and also contained much relevant content of the researcher’s search. The job advertising websites played a critical role in undertaking this session as the researcher found a wide variety of job opportunities for Salesforce Analyst, with a detailed job description. The researcher spent a little time on this iteration as compared to the period they had set aside to complete. The researcher qualifications and experience also assisted the researcher to settle down comfortably on the particular job they desired. The availability of digital formats of job application tools such as resume and a cover letter also made it easy to apply for a job through email and also made it easy to receive feedback from the hiring organization.

The iteration would also have been easier for the researcher if they had done several things differently. The researcher did not include LinkedIn among the internet sources that they would include during the job search. The job search revealed that LinkedIn is a powerful networking site as it was widely available in the search engine when the researcher sought for job vacancies. Besides, LinkedIn can be used to not only assist an individual to capitalize on extraordinary job opportunities but also in building a brand and a professional network (Agin & Howes, 2012). The researcher will in the future join LinkedIn so as not to miss out any opportunities.

The researcher will now prepare for the interview for a Salesforce Analyst Job at the company Keen360, Inc. since the job search and application was successful.

Iteration 5: Preparing for interview


The fifth iteration on training and applying for a job position as a Salesforce analyst at Keen360, Inc. will involve preparing for the interview and also get a mentor to assist in the process. The importance of preparing for an interview is so as to avoid mistakes and confusion on the interview day as well as enables the interviewee to convince the interviewers that they are the best candidate to occupy the vacant position (Beilock, 2010).


The researcher must create a proper plan that will assist them success and get the job as a Salesforce Analyst at Keen360, Inc. The researcher plans to prepare the interview by first understanding different aspects of an interview session. So as to well conversed with this; the researcher will use internet sources to read about questions that may be asked by interviewers at the interview and prepare on how to answer them. The researcher also plans to make use of the internet to search for the company background as this will assist in knowing how to respond to the questions that may be asked and how their position may be useful in the company. Researching a company background is essential in preparing an interview as it assists a job seeker to know what the enterprise does, why they do what they do and its history including culture, mission, and vision (Williams, 2015). The researcher also plans to know about other factors that are important for in an interview such as the dress code, presentation skills, and other non-verbal communication.

The researcher plans to identify and meet a mentor preferably a Salesforce Analyst who has been through an interview so as to coach the researcher about the interview. I will prepare questions to ask the mentor including the kind of questions I expect at the interview and what common mistakes do interviewees do during the interview session.

The researcher eventually plans to prepare for the interview day. The researcher plans to contact the company to inquire about what to carry as well as the dress code. The plan of the researcher is to arrive at the interview location early say an hour before the scheduled interview time.


The first thing that the researcher did during this session was to research on the company background. The researcher visited the company website, in which they learned that the company assists other organizations in designing business as well as customer strategies and also developing operational efficiencies. The screenshot below shows the company website that the researcher visited.

Figure 4: Keen360 Inc company website

The researcher also used YouTube and online articles to prepare on how to respond to common questions at the interview and also prepare for non-verbal communication. Important aspects that an interviewer must pay attention to during an interview include projecting confidence, been attentive, respecting the interviewers and also maintain a proper position (McKay, 2004).

The researcher also organized a meeting with Mr. Sammy Barry, a Salesforce Analyst to fine-tune all the aspects of the interview. Preparing adequately for an interview is a crucial part of ensuring that a job seeker gets the job.  As a Salesforce Analyst for the company I was being interviewed for, which focuses on improving customer relations, hands-on skills were more critical; therefore, as an interviewee I must have knowledge and understanding of service cloud, a customer service and support automation with Salesforce Customer Relations Management (Barry, S. Personal Communications, 12th April). Service Cloud allows support teams in an enterprise to automate as well as manage requests for service and support by existing clients and also in handling customer requests (Rountree & Castrillo, 2013).

On the interview day, the researcher arrived 45 minutes before the interview time. The interviewee ensured that they had a formal dressing and during the interview ensured that they projected confidence. The interview session comprised of two parts in which in one part the interviewee was required to answer questions from the interviewer panel of three members and the other part the interviewee was required to demonstrate their hands-on skills in working with service cloud features.


The researcher made several observations in the iteration on preparing for an interview for a position of a Salesforce Analyst. The researcher observed that planning was crucial as it assisted them to carry out the session in a systematic manner. The researcher observed that researching on a company’s background when preparing for an interview is worthwhile as it assists an interviewee to get a glimpse of the organization. There are many ways that an interviewee can use to get information on an organization background including visiting the organization’s website, visiting the physical location of the organization, consulting the staff of the organization or using internet tools such as Vault or The Riley Guide. The researcher also observed that understanding a company’s culture and its objectives, mission, and vision gives an interviewee confidence.

The researcher observed that the Salesforce Analyst consulted was very helpful and willing to assist in preparing for the interview. The researcher observed that Mr. Sammy Barry the Salesforce Analyst was very keen on ensuring that the interviewee fine tuned their skills on working with Salesforce features and functions. The researched observed that the consultation with the mentor was beneficial to the researcher especially since the interview comprised of specific things that the researcher had prepared.

The researcher also observed that on an interview day proper dressing plays a crucial role in improving an interviewee’s confidence. The researcher also observed that normal actions such as establishing eye contact, smiling, minding the way one speaks and also using a firm handshake are crucial in showing the confidence of the interviewee. The researcher observed that interviewers do not only test a candidate on matters relating to the profession but also general matters such as testing personality and communication skills.


The researcher achieved the fundamental objective of the research; thus can conclude that my job search and application was a success. All the planning is undertaken in this research, and the path followed by researcher contributed to the success of the research. In this iteration, the researcher accomplished most of the actions that they had planned and can attribute this achievement to various aspects. On top of the list is planning and prioritizing the actions that the researcher intended to undertake as this ensured that the researcher used their resources well and managed their time effectively. The idea to consult a mentor primarily belonging to a similar career path as the researcher was significant in becoming aware of what to expect during the interview. For any person who goes through an interview for a particular job opportunity is challenging; however, the best way to ensure that one remains confident, composed, and gives a good impression is through preparing adequately.

Most of the actions that were conducted in this iteration went on smoothly and were very helpful; however, the researcher notes that there was one challenge. The problem that the researcher encountered is the prohibition to access the company site before the interview day; as the researcher would have wanted to visit the company and learn more about it. Although there is plenty of information that can be obtained online, the researcher suggests that in future may be organizations can allow interviewers to access their premises and ask any questions they may have about an organization.

Preparing and succeeding in the interview iteration provided valuable lessons for the researcher, and I intend to use these experiences in their future career as a Salesforce Analyst.


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