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Sample Journal Entry


It is time for a family trip, and no one knows for sure where the family should go. The grandmother wants to go to East Tennessee while Bailey wants to take his family to Florida. To make her case she points out that the children have already been there and adds that an escaped convict was heading to Florida. The first view of the family is designed to illustrate discord and disrespect depicted through the family’s relationship with one another. Rather than consent to the family’s plan for travel to Florida, the grandmother insists on visiting some of her “connections” in East Tennessee. Bailey does not answer her and shows a lack of respect. The event provides an ironic prediction to the end of the story.

Bailey’s wife also ignores the request non-vocal disrespect of the parents is also evidenced by the children.  The treatment of characters in the story depicts O’Connor’s view of a man as a fallen being. The author reinforces her views by narrating the story of three convicts to illustrate the destruction of an altogether too normal family. The next morning, the grandmother smuggles Pitty Sing, the family cat when the family leaves for Florida.  She fears that it would asphyxiate itself if left behind. She also fears that she would miss it too much.  The cat is responsible for the accident leading to the family’s death. The cat then befriends the murderer. The scene contrasts grandmother’s view of her importance to the cat. By reading this scene, the reader gets the message that the author depicts the weaknesses of connections in the family.

The story also brings out the subject of material wellbeing. The subject is depicted by the story told to the grandmother to the children as soon as they finished eating food.  The grandmother calms them down and tells them a story of her early courtship days. The story is about the grandmother’s reluctance to marry Teagarden. The scene at The Tower Cafe is designed to demonstrate the depths of self-interest of the characters.


O’Connor, F. (2015). A good man is hard to find. New Canadian Library.

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