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Seeing the Fruits of a Dad’s Faithful Prayers

David and Jason Benham’s childhood was filled with wonderful memories of baseball with their dad, who became a lifelong fan as a kid when his dad surprised him with tickets to a Yankees game. Later, when David and Jason came along, he played catch with them and coached their Little League teams. Then there was the stadium. Each time the Benham family drove through Shreveport, Louisiana, they passed by Fair Grounds Field, the stadium home for the San Francisco Giants’ Double-A affiliate, the Shreveport Captains. David and Jason’s dad would say, “One day you boys are going to play in that stadium, together, on the same team, at the same time. Let’s pray about it.” Fast forward almost two decades, and David and Jason indeed found themselves together on the same team, playing in Major League Baseball’s farm system when Fair Grounds Field in Shreveport, Louisiana came up on the schedule. A prayer twenty years in the making was finally answered. David and Jason’s father always taught them that God wanted to do something through them. Their talents, their gifts, and their abilities weren’t just for them. “You’re conduits, not cul-de-sacs,” he’d say. Whatever God blessed them with was meant to help others see a clear picture of Him. What a testimony. And what a story about their faithful dad, who guided them to faith in Christ, prayed for their dreams to come true, and then nurtured those dreams until they became a reality. David and Jason Benham are sharing their full story on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Seeing the Fruits of a Dad’s Faithful Prayers.” They recount fun and heartwarming memories about their father’s prayers, support, and spiritual guidance in their formative years. Listen on your local radio station, online, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or take us with you on our free phone app. Family is core to the Benhams. It’s core to what we do here at Focus as well. Our mission is to strengthen families through Christ. With that in mind, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to become part of changing lives and making an eternal difference by joining “Friends of Focus on the Family,” a program that helps us touch lives through your support on an ongoing basis. Your monthly pledge will help us keep families strong and heal those that are broken through the broadcasts and resources we offer every day. We’ll show our appreciation by sending you David and Jason’s book, Miracle in Shreveport: A Memoir of Baseball, Fatherhood, and the Stadium That Launched a Dream, which tells more of their incredible true story. To make your pledge, or for more information about our “Friends of Focus on the Family” program, visit our website or call 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459). Thank you for partnering with us to help families in need. Happy Father’s Day! The post Seeing the Fruits of a Dad’s Faithful Prayers appeared first on Jim Daly.

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