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Seeking Database Recommendations for IoT Time Series Data

<*** class="md">Hello r/IoT Community,

I'm currently embarking on a project and find myself in need of some expert advice regarding the choice of a database. As a frontend developer, my experience with databases is somewhat limited, and I'm hoping to get some recommendations on the best database for handling time series data from IoT devices.

Project Details:

  • Scope: Collecting time series data from approximately 5,000 IoT devices, potentially more.
  • Data Collection Method: Each device measures temperature every 10 minutes. To minimize the load on the devices, the temperature data will be sent to the server every 6 hours.
  • Data Volume: This approach will result in roughly 262,800,000 measurements per year, which translates to over 1GB of data annually.
  • Data Retention Requirement: The data needs to be stored for a minimum of three years.

Main Question:

I'm looking for a database solution that can efficiently handle this volume of time series data. My requirements include effective data storage, scalability, and ease of querying large datasets. Additionally, considering my background, a solution that doesn't have an excessively steep learning curve would be preferable.

Specific Queries:

  1. Database Recommendations: What databases are well-suited for handling large-scale time series data, especially in an IoT context?
  2. Data Organization: Is it generally advisable to store all data in a single collection/table, or should there be a division, such as by device or time period?
  3. Server-Side Considerations: I am inclined to use Node.js for the server-side, but I am open to suggestions if there are more suitable alternatives for this kind of data handling.

I am keen on exploring the options and best practices for managing time series data effectively. Your insights and recommendations would be incredibly valuable in helping me make an informed decision.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

Best regards,

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