Server 2016 DHCP vs Router Problem [on hold]

        I'll explain my situation then my question in hopes it brings understanding.
I'm running Server 2016 in a home environment (Plex Server, Active Directory) and until recently installing AD (Did not install DHCP server) to the server my router has been my DHCP server. Well now that I have installed AD and want to use it to manage some children’s laptops I've come into a bit of a problem, and I'm not positive of the source. I have joined the devices to the domain that I wish to manage and I thought everything was going well until I tried to add a GPO to manage the registry and the browser cannot find the laptop. I ping the server from the laptop by hostname and it pings fine, but when I ping the laptop from my server (IP or hostname) the server can't ping it. I am thinking this is due to how I have everything setup: In my router I have the DHCP server pool set from through I have my server sitting at (outside of the DHCP pool) I did think with the original plan of managing parental controls via OpenDNS for these laptops. My question: Will I need to turn off the DHCP server on the router and install DHCP on the server in order for the server to see the laptop(s) or is there something I've overlooked? To be clear there is only 1 server that is the Active Directory & Domain Controller and currently 1 Windows 10 Pro laptop (the others will come once I've figured out the process)

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