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Service delivery

The idea of acquiring new staff goes by the intentions of the organization to at least boost the service delivery in regards to improving on the income. The current students that are new from the different colleges have failed to prove that they are well prepared for the task of handling the real life situations. The essay provides the basis for understanding the view and perception of the organization management rather employees towards the students that are fresh from the training institutions. The author provides an understanding and the need for making sure that the education institutions prepare students accordingly towards getting them well equipped with skills of handling the real life problems, thus critical thinking being essential.

An ideal aspect that has raised the concern is the failure of students (new in the field of working) expressing their skills and competence in the delivery of proficient quality services. It is noted that these students are good in the fields of oral communication, written communication, critical thinking and creative such that they proved of being better than employers perceive. Nevertheless, education institution should consider preparing the students for practical application of the skills in the real world so as to have them quite well prepared as this determine the quality of the service delivery.

College graduates have the thought of being well prepared in the field employed yet it is the opposite of the employers who have a hard time of absorbing them to deliver the services in the respected field of specialization. The employers are raising the concern in regards to preparedness. However, it is the duty and responsibility of employers to enhance team building and providing workshops, training, and seminars that will ensure that employees are proficient with their unique systems and technologies as far as the graduates must be up to date with technologies.

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