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Setting up a D Link Switch for PTP Passthrough

        I have several devices which support PTP (Precise Time Protocol) and a D Link switch which connects all those devices. As far as I know, the switch I am using does not support PTP itself, but I was told that I should be able to set it up such that it simply passes PTP packets through. The network itself is working (I am able to communicate with the devices otherwise), only PTP messages seem to go missing. Hence my question: What are the settings on the switch that I need to change to let PTP packets through? (I'm a newbie here, hence I would be glad if someone could simply point me in the right direction).
Here's my setup:
  • Switch: D Link DGS 1520-28MP Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • PTP Devices in question are Allied Vision GigE vision cameras. They can act as both, PTP master clock and PTP slaves and they support PTP auto configuration (meaning that they can detect the best master on their own).
  • All devices are in VLAN 1
The situation I am facing:
  • When I set all PTP devices to auto-configure, all devices revert to being the PTP master clock.
  • When I specify one PTP device to be the master and the others to be slaves, the slaves stay in the "Listening" state.
Both scenarios indicate to me that the PTP messages are not coming through for some reason. What I already tried:
  • I went into the switch's settings to "L2 features" -> "L2 multicast control" -> "Multicast Filtering Mode" and set "Multicast Filtering Mode" to "Forward All" for VLAN 1.
Again, I am very thankful for every pointer in the right direction as I am completely clueless.

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