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Setting up relay server (as VPN) for multiple loT devices pointed towards a single or multiple servers

<*** class="md">I have multiple loT devices sending data to a specific server and IP address through TCP protocol. The data communication is done through a SIM card. Every device has unique identifier as their IMEI.

The challenge is that the end server requires data to be transmitted from a specific geographic location (inside the country) while the data actually comes from another location because of the SIM cards in use. This causes the data to be dropped at network perimeter of the end server as for it, the source server is located outside the country or a different location.

To resolve this, basically act as a VPN. Considering lack of control on the source location for data from the SIMS, the devices will be pointed toward this relay server. The data will be sent to this relay server which will be setup to forward the data without any changes to the end server. If this relay server is hosted in the region of the end server, it could potentially allow the connection as now the IPs are local IPs and allow it to pass through.

ls there any guide that can be followed to set up this relay server as was not able to find anything related to this online? Please note that while can arrange some technical resources to assist, I am only tech savvy and cannot code effectively in case development is required.

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