Sharing the internet through Wifi Dongle and Ethernet at the same time [on hold]

        This is the basic setup of the network I currently have:
enter image description here The router feeding the internet connection through Ethernet. Now, I would like to share the internet that I have using the additional Ethernet port as well as through the Wifi Dongle. When I try to hotspot using Dongle and then, share the internet through Ehternet 2 (which connects raspberry pi); the hotspot loses its connection to the internet. When I try to share the connection with the additional ethernet port and then, hotspot, it establishes a hotspot but, with no internet connection. I'm trying to make Local Area Network where devices are connected through Dongle and the additional ethernet port. I would like all the devices to be connected to the internet to. How do I share the internet connection on my PC with both Wifi Dongle and additional ethernet port at the same time? Any ideas?

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