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I have learned about the importance of having a great idea as a basis for writing the researcher paper. Without having a great idea, even the “****** first draft” cannot make any sense because it has to be based on the idea that has been developed. Anne Lamott describes the process of writing a research paper starting with the first ****** draft and turning it into something that is perfect and informative. She says that making a subpar first draft of the paper can result in a good second draft, excellent third draft, and subsequently a perfect final copy. The first draft consists of visions and impulsive thoughts that the writer lets them just to gush out thinking that it is only himself/herself who is going to see through visions and thoughts and then shape them into something that is more organized.
I learned that it is imperative to put your first draft down, however silly your thoughts may appear. I learn that it does not matter how you start, but what matters is the way you are going to end with. What is important with this piece is that it does not only apply to the writing of essays and a researcher papers, but it is also applicable to one’s general life. I will apply the facts I have learned from this article and then improve my research paper writing. I have been having trouble starting to write a research paper because I always want to write something perfect right from the start, but now I know that I have to write at least three drafts before finalizing my paper. I will also apply it in my life by working on anything that I thing distracts me from becoming what I want so that I focus on the positive things that support my goals and vision.

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