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SIM Modem for ESP32 worldwide connection?

Hello guys! I'm currently researching for a tracking device project. Such device will cross the Atlantic so I need it to work worldwide.

I'm kinda new to mobile comunications, I know 3g bands are different in each side of the Atlantic Ocean but what about 4G? I have been researching but I didn't really understand if the same device working in (lets say) Spain will work in USA. Some of the modems I have been looking at have a nice bunch of working bands but I don't know the differences between them or how common they are over the world.

I was thinking about a sim7020, do you guys think this will serve my purpose? I also need it as cheap as possible because we need a bunch.

Thanks in advance

Edit (forgot to say): I'll be using "worldwide" m2m iot sims, they should work I guess?

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