Single Device VPN Connection [on hold]

        We have several remote/rural locations with very limited (slow) internet connections.  Also, our main office has a very slow internet connection.
Each remote location has a network and no real need to be connected to the main office network. Traditionally we have traveled to each time clock and collected punches via a USB thumb-drive but we would like to stop driving those miles by connecting the time-clocks to the main office network. The time-clock vendor requires the devices be on the same network for this connectivity though the devices themselves do not support direct VPN connections. I don't wish to connect everything as via VPN as (I assume) that would eat up bandwidth that is already in very short supply. Can anyone recommend a device to wedge in between my existing router and a time-clock to establish a tunnel? My modem/router devices are very simple and don't allow any advanced routing, also these are in pretty harsh environments and tend to fail about once a year so I have to invest much in more advanced routers.

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