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‘Sisters, you’re flowing through me!’ The director whose horror film channels centuries of female rage

Charlotte Colbert reflects on her debut film She Will, which sees a veteran actor channel the energy of women burned as witches against an ageing predator who groomed her decades earlier It is not the usual way of things, a first-time director being granted an audience with Hollywood royalty. But that is what happened to Charlotte Colbert when a producer sent the screenplay of her psychological horror She Will (co-written with Kitty Percy) to Sigourney Weaver. “It was crazy!” Colbert leans over the table, eyes popping. “I was flown over to New York to have lunch with Sigourney, who is this extraordinary force of nature. Incredibly tall, brilliant, et cetera.” Weaver loved the script, but the timing didn’t work. “We sort of had the choice of waiting for Sigourney to finish an enormous amount of Avatars – or finding somebody who would have more availability.” She tells the story with the timing of a standup comedian. Continue reading...

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