Small Business Remote Access and VPN

        Hello Network Engineering,
I work at a startup that is doing some aerospace engineering work, and the engineers have two related but distinct asks for our network that I am not sure how to provide.
  1. Remote access to workstation. Some engineers use desktop computers to do their work, and they would like a way to access them remotely to do design work and simulations from home while having all the actual computing happening at work. How do I implement this for them? Is there an application or service that is "plug and play" for this type of thing?

  2. VPN system. Other engineers use mobile workstations that they take all over with them. We have a license server for our CAD and simulation software licenses set up on our LAN, but if the engineers with mobile workstations are out of the office, they cannot currently access the license server and so cannot use our software suites. I assume a VPN is the way to go to solve this, as they would be able to get into our LAN and ping the license server to use our software from anywhere with an internet connection. How do I set up a VPN to do this? Do I need special hardware, or can it be done with software?

For additional background, I am not a network engineer. I have become my startup's IT guy by default because I can figure things out, but I have no formal background or training in IT or networking. I did set up my company's network thus far, which includes Four DSL WAN connections (don't ask...), a load balancing router to chain them together, a 24-port Managed PoE switch, 3 VOIP phones, and about a dozen workstations. Thank You, WHA

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