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Sociology studies social relationships as well as institutions. Sociology’s subject is broad and it ranges from, the family to the state, crime to religion, racial divisions and social class to shared beliefs of culture, and from stability to radical dynamics in whole societies. Unification of the study of these wide-ranging subjects in sociology aim at  comprehending how  human actions as well as consciousness  determines  surrounding cultural as well as social structures. Sociology studies educations a social institution in the society. Along this line, it looks at how education runs in the society, challenges facing it and ways to improve the same. Sociology as a field remains an exciting as well as an illuminating study which analyzes and explains vital issues in our individual lives, our society, and the world. At an individual level, sociology looks at the social causes as well as consequences of things such as aging, romantic love, family conflict, racial and gender issues, deviant behavior as well as religious faith. In societal perspective, sociology studies and explains issues such as poverty and wealth, crime and law, schools and education, business organizations, prejudice and discrimination, urban society as well as  social movements. At global perspective, sociology looks at phenomena like human demographics and migration, economic development as well as peace and security.

Sociology research puts great emphasis on collection as well as analysis of proves on social life to enhance and enrich our knowledge of important social processes. The research methods sociologists use are varied. Sociologists  look at  daily lives  of people , carry out large-scale studies , analyze videotaped interactions, interpret important  historical records, study  census data,  interview group participants , and carry out  laboratory  tests. Its research methods  as well as  theories  yield  a robust insights into  social processes  that influence  human lives, social problems  as well as  prospects in  our today’s lives . After understanding these social processes, it becomes easier to also understand clearly the factors shaping personal experiences as well as effects of our lives.  Seeing and understanding the link between broad social factors and individual experiences is greatly valuable academic preparedness for living well and rewarding individual as well as professional lives in our dynamic society. Sociology has theories that help to understand human interactions as well as way of live.  Of the greatest ones is structural functionalism; symbolic interaction theory; social conflict theory. Understanding these theories helps in understanding as well as explaining some phenomena in our society. Learning sociology and mastering its concepts in practice situations enhances critical thinking on human social life, and it helps in asking relevant research questions. The knowledge can be of great help to policy makers in coming up with interventions to social issues affecting the society. Students with great sociology skills manage to   design perfect social research projects by carefully collecting and analyzing empirical data for better formulation and presentation of research findings. Sociology trainees also become able to assist others know the way social world operates and how it can be altered for the better. More generally, they also become equipped with analytical thinking, evaluation, and communication skills and creativity. All are abilities of great value in a broader vocational callings as well as professions. Sociology as a field offers distinctive as well as enlightening way of looking at and comprehending our social world which shapes our way of life. Sociology goes beyond normal observation. It is more illuminating as well as challenging knowing of social life. Using its specific analytical approach, social theories as well as research methods makes sociology a discipline that widens our awareness and analysis of human social interactions, cultures as well as institutions that greatly shape our lives and history. Personally, I have learned that sociology is part of us, and I will pursue it as my career.

Therefore, sociology is an all round approach to understanding the society.  It provides elaborate ways that can assist a person to learn about the society for different angles. It helps to identify social issues to get addressed to make the society a good place. With sociology skills, one can manage to deal with the society. Hence, it is a study that focuses on people, their interactions as well as their surrounding aspects that affect them.

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