Source NATing Fortigate typical scenario

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I have a small query with respect to NATing in Fortigate.I'm struck in particular by a scenario where the remote network allows users with a specific IP range with a specific port for RDP over a different set of physical links.

User( in LAN should connect to on remote network which is connected to Internal ports on Fortigate (Nor WAN since it is used for internet).

Link between Remote network firewall & Fortigate has been established ( I can ping remote firewall interace

Admin wants us to access over 3389 port via (allowed IPs on remote firewall).

So basically, user (ex:Source: need to access Destination via allowed IPs ( over physical link between Fortigate & remote firewall (

I have tried VIP (Static NAT) (Source NAT) port forwarding, IP Pool (Destination NAT), but no help.

Please advice how to proceed. It is a typical scenario , can we achieve it?

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