Source NATing Fortigate typical scenario

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I have a small query with respect to NATing in fortigate.I'm struck i particular scenario where remote network allows users with specfic IP range with a specfic port for rdp over different set of physical link. User ( LAN should connect to on remote network which is connected to Internal ports on Fortigate (Nor WAN since it is used for internet). Link between Remote network firewall & Fortigate has been established ( I can ping remote firewall interace Admin wants us to access over 3389 port via (allowed IPs on remote firewall). So basically , user (ex:Source: need to access Destination via allowed IPs ( over physical link between Fortigate & remote firewall ( I have tried VIP (Static NAT) (Source NAT) port forwarding , IP Pool (Destination NAT) , but no help. Please advice how to proceed. It is a typical scenario , can we achieve it. Thank in advance. Faizan

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