SSH into device attached to another router [on hold]

        I saw <a href="">this question</a>which looks kind of related, but I'm not sure as the answers are too confusing.
Basically, I want to SSH into my Raspberry Pi from my laptop. Eventually I want to have the Pi talking to the cloud (I want to install a personal VPN on it so I can be protected while traveling and just to learn). enter image description here Now, before you ask why I have two wireless routers on my home network, Router A is for a home office and due to the lead in the walls separating the office from the home (part of the office was once an X-Ray room), the wireless signal doe snot propagate. So it's mainly used as a firewall and to connect the office desktop to the web. Router B does the heavy lifting. Now, I've set up the network as such (I don't know much about networking, but of the little I do, I managed to build this setup). However, in my reading, I understand that I need to forward a port, namely port 22 for the Pi. But on which end? Which router forwards the port? And is there a better way to do this in general? I'm open to suggestions. Just for the record, the two routers are identical, TRENDNet TEW-812DRU v1

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