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Stake holder Analysis

Application of the Nine Step Approach in the analysis of the Miami-Dade Police Department

            The organization that I will work with in conducting the stakeholder analysis is Democratic Republic National Convention. The role of the Miami-Dade Police Department in the Convention is to ensure the security and protection of all the citizens and delegates who will attend the convention. There may be protestors, activists, and other groups of people whose primary aim is to disrupt the convention and make it unsuccessful. Thus, the Miami-Dade Police Department will work tirelessly to avoid such occurrences.

The nine-step model comprises of the steps outlined below;

  1. Description and definition of the organization
  2. Identification of the key stakeholders
  3. Identification of the stakeholder’s interests and concerns
  4. Identification of the claims that the stakeholders may make about the organization
  5. Identification of the most important stakeholders
  6. SWOT Analysis of the organization
  7. Organizational strategy
  8. The organizational policy
  9. Recommendation of a specific action to take following the stakeholder analysis

            The key stakeholders in the convention will be the official delegates, the Miami-Dade police officers, and other law enforcement agencies. Other critical stakeholders include guests, the mayor, government officials, hospitals, the correctional facilities within the city, journalists and media personnel, protestors, activists, motorists, and the city dwellers. The stakeholders fall into the categories of both internal and external stakeholders. Some of the internal stakeholders include the mayor, delegates, guests, and the key government officials. The external stakeholders include the media personnel, activists, protesters, the city residents, and the motorists attending the convention.

            All the stakeholders are important since each has a different contribution to the convention. Thus, the police department will not ignore any of them.

The Key stakeholder concerns

            The key stakeholders have a significant concern for ensuring that the convention proceeds as planned. The success of the convention is at the center of every activity put in place by all the organizers. The involvement of the police department in the convention is also for the purpose of ensuring a peaceful and successful event. It is the duty of the Miami-Dade police department to maintain order and also assure everyone of security. The safety of the guests and all the stakeholders is at the responsibility of the police department. As such dereliction of the police will be a major setback to the convention. The fact that there are some protesters and activists expected to the convention raises an alarm to the police department to have adequate preparation for any eventualities. Security is paramount to the success of the convention. The police department has to ensure that there are minimal if any threats from the external forces that may disrupt the convention. Most of the other concerns from the key stakeholders have a political basis and are not pertinent to the progress of the convention.

The possible claims from the stakeholders

            The major claims from the stakeholders are that; the organization should ensure that there are adequate security measures in place. The delegates and the guests have to sure of their safety at the convention. Thus, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to have efficient strategies in meeting their claims. It is the reason of having the police department on board to raise the level of trust that the event will be successful. Another claim would be from the likelihood of the protestors having demonstrations that would compromise the safety of the delegates and the stakeholders. As the commander of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, it will be of importance to consider all the claims and put in place strategies that will ensure the success of the convention.

SWOT Analysis of the organization

Strengths of the Organization

            The organization has adequate personnel, facilities, and tools to help in managing the entire convention. The other strength is the capacity of the police department in handling any issue that may arise. The Miami-Dade Police have experienced in dealing with such events, and also the necessary equipment and qualifications required.


            The sponsoring organization falls short of experience in planning such an event and thus may have many trial and error activities.


            One of the main opportunities for the organization to venture in is making use of the police department maximally in ensuring the success of the event. The organization also has a good chance of learning some lessons from the security personnel from the police department.


            The major threat that faces the organization is the possibility of a security lapse from either the demonstrators or the protestors. The two groups do not have a legal consent to attend the event, and thus, might cause chaos.

Organizational strategy

            The organization intends to utilize the SWOT analysis discussed in assuring all the delegates, stakeholders, and the guests of their safety. The major weakness of the organization is a lack of prior experience in handling the event. Thus, it will seek for assistance from other security agencies to reinforce its work. Another strategy will be the use of sensitization forums to the public and the attendants of their expected code of conduct in the event. It is also important to inform the emergency response teams to be ready for any eventuality from the event.

Policy of the Organization

            The primary policy to put in place is to ensure that the whole event is peaceful and proceeds according to the plan.

Recommendation for an action

            The organization should inform every one of their roles and also enhance the security by working closely with other security personnel on the ground. The other action to take is consulting other federal security agencies to offer advisory on how to handle the event.

Stakeholder Map for the Democratic Republic National Convention

N.B.: The inner circle represents the internal stakeholders, and the outer circle represents the external stakeholders.


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