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Steering and automating my indoor farm using bytebeam

In this project, I have created an IoT solution where we accurately measure CO2 samples and temperature and humidity samples.

Temperature, CO2, humidity, and light intensity are all important environmental factors that can affect the growth and productivity of plants on an indoor farm. By monitoring and controlling these factors, farmers can create an optimal growing environment that maximizes crop yields and quality. So in my attempt to regulate this problem, I have come up with a CO2, Temp and humidity monitoring solution. It also helps me to remotely steer my lights to complete the optimal photoperiod of my plants.
For the cloud backend and to visualize farm data, I am using Bytebeam. Bytebeam provides a one-stop solution for all my IoT needs and helps me monitor and manage devices, send over-the-air updates, and visualise device data securely.

Bytebeam has also recently launched its SDK for Arduino. The SDK was very much compatible with my ESP32 hardware and it took me very less time to integrate it with my code. With the help of the following guides, I was able to get started with Bytebeam.

Smart indoor farm applications using Bytebeam,

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