Fast Working Carbide Grinding Wheel

The fast working grinding wheel for cemented carbide grinding wheel.

The scope of application: For high hardness non-ferrous metal grinding, main grinding glass, magnets and precious stones.

At present, the cemented carbide grinding wheel is mainly processed by the resin bond fast working grinding wheel. In 2010, the hard alloy grinding wheel nail hammer is in short supply. The grinding efficiency of the resin bond diamond grinding wheel cannot meet the shortage of supply. Grinding characteristics of resin bond diamond grinding wheel

  1. Finishing and final grinding of workpieces (micro bearings, air compressors, crankshafts, camshafts, high-precision threads, gauges, etc.) that are mass-produced on automatic machine tools.
  2. Fine grinding can choose resin bond diamond grinding wheel, particle size selection 250#, 300# or 400#.

This solution can improve grinding efficiency by 2 to 3 times, save time and cost, and bring more benefits to the enterprise.

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