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There are over 85% of companies in the Standard and Poor’s 500 with a web page dedicated to describing the organization’s culture and values and principles informing the employee’s behavior (Mordfin, 2014). Don Childears, the president, and the CEO of Colorado Bankers Association claims that the presence of new competitors in the banking sector has an intense impact on the banking business (Childers, 2013). Managing the corporate culture is emerging as a key managerial challenge of the millennium. This is a problem that is affecting banking institutions in Colorado (Childers, 2013). Several academics and practitioners are spending time focusing on the issue of whether organization culture has an impact on the overall performance and effectiveness. The general problem is that many banking institutions are not considering the impact that the organizational culture has on performance. The specific problem is that the institutions fail to understand how the organizational culture is impacting the employee performance.


Childears, D (2013). The state of banking in Colorado. Colorado Bankers Association

Mordfin, R. (2014). Strong Corporate culture leads to strong performance.

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