Working at McDonald’s, by Amitai Etzioni

Etzioni in his essay, “Working at McDonald’s” provides his strong belief that working in the McDonald’s kinds of restaurants is a bad idea for teenagers. Etzioni beliefs that were working in such fast-food chains makes students face academic problems. He states that taking part time jobs in such restaurants undermines school attendances and corrupts the values of teenagers especially in placing more value to the dollars. Etzioni states that fast food job teaches young people both the useful and useless skills but most often the skills are not applicable to their future careers since anyone can learn them without a college degree.


Etzioni manages to present a well-articulated thesis statement from our common beliefs to a highly controversial subject. His statement that most of us assume that taking the part-time job is a good thing for teenagers but to him this is always not the case. He goes on to state the disadvantages of teenagers taking part time jobs especially the fact that it interferes with school work. Other disadvantages include learning useless skills, wrongly placing value on money and are simply jobs meant for the minorities with no need for advancing their education. Etzioni aloes manage to support his claims such as a study that he conducted in the late 1980s, but this is not a current study. So it may be irrelevant for him to use it in supporting his claim. Another problem in Etzioni’s essay is that some of his claims lack evidence, for example, he claims that students taking part-time jobs gain no useful skill is not well elaborated and supported by evidence. It is true that experience is a good teacher but when Etzioni states that students end up only learning useless skills that are not relevant in future he might be lying to us.

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