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Tabo Car dealership

Tabo Car dealership

The car dealership venture tends to make up the largest part of the national retail industry. Starting a car dealership is a good idea because it tends to be easy to be successful in this business.  What is important in order to succeed is to have the right plan, knowledge, integrity, and marketing skills. Tabo car dealership will exclusively target the lower and middle-income groups, and it will provide a complete store for all models that lower income groups can afford. The type of business ownership will be a partnership. The business will be importing cars from overseas countries such as Korea, Germany, and Japan. All cars will be originals and in the best condition to fit the needs of our customers. Tabo car dealership will use social media as one of the strategies for communicating with customers. The business will have a Facebook page and a website where customers can search up anything they may want. We plan always to update the website with new information about the new cars and the prices for the cars. The business aims at being then leading car dealership in the area providing superior quality services and products at an affordable price.

My motivation for starting the car dealership is in order to take advantage of my special skills of marketing. In order to be successful in the car business, one should have excellent marketing skills. I tend to have excellent marketing skills as I can convince someone to buy just anything that I am selling. Thus, my passion for becoming an entrepreneur and my marketing skills are some of the factors motivating me to venture into the car dealership business.  

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Tabo Car dealership

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