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Posts tagged as “architecture”

Is there a recommended way of making Network Diagrams?

I am used to draw network diagram without following any particular template, norm or convention.

Is there such a thing ? Something like a framework to represent physical and logical diagrams or both at the same time.

How bandwidth is divided in a network? [on hold]

so given a certain bandwidth how is this bandwidth for a specific link divided when different links sprout out of a single link? Is it equally divided or it there a better optimal way? Also, this bandwidth may be further divi...

Network design for subway Stations [on hold]

I have faced this question:

What is the best design for network architecture for subway train stations which will carry services like CCTV, passengers ticketing, fire alarm systems and so many other services? My specific amb...

Is Hub the DMZ in a Spoke-Hub architecture?

In a spoke hub architecture, is the DMZ another spoke (I.e. peered to the hub), a stand-alone vent, or the hub itself (for example as a subnet)?

This question is mostly for azure implementation.