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Posts tagged as “books”

Joe Rogan Is Just the Start of It

The authors of a new book about right-wing comedy discuss the man who’s a “gateway to much more nefarious voices.”

The Chosen by Elizabeth Lowry review – Thomas Hardy in mourning

A remarkable portrait of the remorse that followed a difficult marriage, and gave birth to great poetryWhen Thomas Hardy’s wife Emma died in 1912 she left behind the recollections she had been writing of her life in Cornwall before her marriage, evokin...

My streaming gem: why you should watch Love & Friendship

The latest in our series of writers highlighting lesser-seen gems is a recommendation of Whit Stillman’s acerbic Jane Austen adaptationThough the novels of Jane Austen positively drip with witticisms, catty descriptive asides and zingy ironies, their f...

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to give books to refugee children

Singer’s global initiative to offer a book each month to 200 refugee children in London until they turn fiveRefugee children in London will be given a book each month until they turn five, thanks to a new project from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library...