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Posts tagged as “books”

Delusions of Whiteness

In Rumaan Alam’s new thriller, a white family staying at a Hamptons Airbnb is startled when the Black owners knock on the door.

Margaret Atwood wins Dayton literary peace prize

Handmaid’s Tale author honoured for reminding readers that ‘anything can happen anywhere given the right circumstances’Margaret Atwood, whose sweeping body of work includes The Handmaid’s Tale, a depiction of a nightmarish totalitarian future for the U...

Nick Hornby: ‘I can quote more Molesworth than I can Shakespeare’

The High Fidelity author on how Anne Tyler changed his life, his love for Larry McMurty’s westerns, and why he’s pleased he didn’t write David CopperfieldThe book I am currently readingSebastian Smee’s brilliant The Art of Rivalry: Four Friendships, Be...

Burning the Books by Richard Ovenden review – knowledge under attack

An engaging and timely survey of the villains who destroy written records of the past – and the heroes who try to stop themIt’s both amusing and a little bit touching that a lifelong librarian has written a book in which librarians are the heroes. None...