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Posts tagged as “Cloud”

Suggestions for an IT Director [closed]

I recently have been appointed as the IT director of my organization. I welcome any suggestions about launching new related services (specifically network-cloud-based ones - Open source solutions or knowledge-based ones) to the users to be...

How to route inbound cloud traffic back to my home PC?

While traveling away from home, I want to connect to services hosted at my home but without directly using my home IP address. I'm wary of other hotel guests, Starbucks patrons, any bad actors thereof, discovering my home IP address while ...

Authentication of devices and gateway in OpenMTC

I'm studying fog-cloud-iot systems and I bumped into OpenMTC.
In order to understand better how their systems work, I would like to know how the authentication between edge devices and gateway and from gateway to cloud works.
Thank you :)

Cloud, Linux, learn for free of cost

I want to learn cloud but due to financial issue, I can't bear the institute fees. Is there are any website who taught on free with VC or videos and all want to lean linux

Networking requirements in cloud computing

I need some help for this topic of my case study, can you please guide me in the right direction?

Should I cover HyperVisor, virtualization concepts or should I cover the Networking concepts like OSI model and then explain ...